ENGESOLARBOX ® Solar Assisted Drying Systems

Solar Drying Systems are systems that are becoming increasingly common all over the world in obtaining hot air with the increase in energy costs in recent years. The resulting hot air can be used in drying and heating systems. Depending on the air flow and the number of collectors, the air temperature is above 60°C (for a solar drop of 1000 W/sq. m). This temperature is also a temperature that can be easily used in fruit, vegetable, plant and grain drying systems. In our system, hot air is obtained with our own production ENGESOLARBOX ® supported solar air heaters. These systems, called hot air collectors, operate on the principle that cold air enters from the lower part and exits as hot air from the upper part.
This system performs the drying process only with the heat and light energy it receives from the sun and does not need any other energy. ENGESOLARBOX ® produces the necessary electricity and heat energy itself through solar collectors.
It dries a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, plant and grain products in a shorter time and more hygienically without changing their natural color, smell, aroma and without exposure to environmental pollutants.

How Does the ENGESOLARBOX ® Food Dryer Work?

After the prepared products are placed in the baskets in the drying room, the system is activated.
100% fresh and hot air obtained from solar energy is passed through ENGESOLARBOX ® heat panels and is protected from external factors thanks to the filter. Fresh and hot air is distributed homogeneously to the drying room with air channels that do not form bacteria.


What are the Advantages of Drying Food with ENGESOLARBOX ®?

  • -Moisture and water vapor formed in the drying room and originating from the product are completely discharged by EGK devices.
  • -With this system, you can get products every day of the year as long as there is sun.
  • -Production time may vary between 8-24 hours depending on the product and climatic conditions.
  • - Depending on the region and climate conditions, ENGESOLARBOX ® heat panels can heat the outside air up to 65 °C.
  • -Mobile Solar panels can be easily rotated or moved according to the angle of the Sun.
  • -Mobile Solar panels can also be cleaned easily.

Which Foods Can Be Dryed With ENGESOLARBOX ®?

With ENGESOLARBOX ®, almost any fruit, vegetable, herb and grain can be dried successfully.
Food is sliced into thin strips or slices, taking care not to overlap inside the dehydrator. Baskets placed on shelves designed for this process should be used.
Below you can find examples of products that can be dried with our system:

PineappleOkraSage Barley
StrawberryTomatoLinden Core
PersimmonEggplantMelisa Corn
OrangeOnionDaisy Oats